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On this blog you will find a series of short artist talks based on word and phrase prompts. I have laced these talks together over four separate blog posts. Visual artists were invited to select one or two prompts and have asked them to share their thoughts and stories based on that prompt.

The artists featured on the project are:

Cassette One Side A:
David Myrvold. Trollhattan, Sweden
-Prompt: Changes in studio life.
Jonathan Christie. Sydney, Australia
-Prompts: Music, and freedom.
Kale Tunnessen. Chicago, Illinois. USA
-Prompts: "What is an artist's mind like?" Also: The finished painting.
Krista Svalbonas. Chicago, Illinois. USA
-Prompts: Collage, and alchemy.
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Cassette One Side B:
Carl Smith. Austin, Texas. USA
-Prompt: Art and business.
Bonny Leibowitz. Dallas, Texas. USA
-Prompt: Free association.
Sabine Tress. Cologne, Germany.
-Prompt: Titles.
Judith Farr. Lleida, Spain
-Prompt: Alchemy. 
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Cassette Two Side A:
Elaine Mari. Vancouver, British Columbia
-Prompt: Intuition.
Brigid Watson. Boston, Massachusetts. USA
-Prompts: Metaphysics, and color.
Sabine Tress. Cologne, Germany
-Prompt: The finished panting.
Victor DaSilva. New Bedford. Massachusetts. USA
-Prompt: A poem.
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Cassette Two Side B:
Erin Treacy. Queens, NY. USA
-Prompts: The finished painting, and free association. 
Joshua J. Barbosa. East Providence, Rhode Island. USA
-Prompt: The mark.
Steve Adair. Jonesboro, Arkansas. USA
-Prompts: Intuition, and solitude.
Marc Cheetham. Pequannnock, New Jersey. USA
-Prompt: Titles.
Julie Alexander. Seattle, Washington. USA
-Prompts: A poem, and simultaneity.
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Please find the individual post listing in the blog archive, or click the desired segment link above. Thank you for listening.

Or, if YouTube is more your thing, check this series out here: The Mixed-Media Tapes, and ahtcast on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy the series.

Phillip J. Mellen 

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