Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cassette One Side A

Welcome to the mixed-media tapes

A short artist talk series based on word and phrase prompts. I have invited visual artists from around the world to share their thoughts and stories based on their selected prompt(s). I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. Your host, Phillip J. Mellen. Cheers!

This post is cassette one side a. Listen below!

 Track listing is as follows:

1. David Myrvold. Trollhattan, Sweden. 
Prompt: Changes. 1:00 - 11:23.
2. Jonathan Christie. Sydney, Australia. 

Prompts: Music and Freedom. 11:30 - 27:30.
3. Kale Tunnessen. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

Prompts: What is an artist's mind like? The finished painting. 
27:35 - 31:14
4. Krista Svalbonas. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

Prompts: Collage and Alchemy. 31:23 - 40:55.

Audio Talks:

Works by guest artists:

Park view (Birch), 
81,5x60,5 cm/32x24 inches
Oil on Mdf-panel, 

Vinyl and gesso on timber panel. 

9" x 12"/22x30cm
acrylic and pastel on paper, 

Migrants 24, 
digital photography and collage on board.

Thanks for listening!

The mixed-media tapes. 2015.