Saturday, February 14, 2015

Cassette Two Side A

 Welcome to the mixed-media tapes

A short artist talk series based on word and phrase prompts. I have invited visual artists from around the world to share their thoughts and stories based on their selected prompt(s). I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. Your host, Phillip J. Mellen. Cheers!

This post is cassette two side a. Listen below!

 Track listing are as follows:

1. Elaine Mari. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Prompt: Intuition. 1:00 - 11:56.
2. Brigid Watson. Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
Prompts: Metaphysics and Color. 12:11 - 25:56.
3. Sabine Tress. Cologne, Germany.
Prompt: The finished painting. 26:08 - 39:52.
4. Victor DaSilva. New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.
Prompt: A poem. 40:02 - 40:45.

Audio talks:

 Works by guest artists:

Prepare for Lift and Drag, 
12" x 9", 30 x 22cm
mixed media on mylar, 

Pop Rocks.
 9" x 9". 22 x 22cm
oil on canvas. 
private collection.

Cocaine Diana, 
125x90cm, 50" x 35"
oil on canvas, 

sketchbook scan

 Thanks for listening! 

The mixed-media tapes. 2015.

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