Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Cassette Single: Creative Block Talk with Renee Robbins

The Mixed-Media Tapes are back! This episode's guest is Chicago based painter Renee Robbins. She steps in to share some ideas and thoughts on creative block, which we all have from time to time, no? 
In the recording Robbins goes into being present and to allow the process to be about the process, and not the end result to take some of the pressure off. Besides, you don't have to show anyone! And a nice list of other things to get work going again.

Also, being the time of social distancing this is timely in its subject matter as some artists are having to make temporary studios, can't get to their studios, and are separated from the in-person art community. 

So sit back and relax, or make a sketch or two while listening...
listen below...

Buried Treasure
36 x 36 inches
acrylic on canvas

Renee Robbins in her Chicago studio

Renee Robbins' website: Renee Robbins

Audio conversation: 

Mentioned in the conversation:  

Thanks so much to Renee for generously sharing what works in her studio when dealing with creative block!

For more from Renee please check out her full-length interview over at Renee Robbins' full-feature interview

Thanks for listening! 


The mixed-media tapes. 2020.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cassette Single: Light | Color | Shadow with Erika b Hess and David Linneweh

The Mixed-Media Tapes returns with an episode about light, color, and shadow. I invited fellow artists and podcasters Erika b Hess and David Linneweh on the show to talk art in their own segment which I have placed together for this special episode!

You'll hear accounts of bold color in Erika's work, the poetic subject matter of David's work, and how such elements revolve around light, color and even a shadow or three. 

Listen in to dig deep into the work and processes of these two great painters and podcasters, I personally am honored to have them both on the show, and to present this episode! Listen below...

Erika b Hess
The Resort Pool 
oil on panel 
16" x 12"

Erika b Hess
Heritage Hunting Hat
 oil on canvas 
14" x 11" 
 David Linneweh
Pembroke 15
transfer and oil on panel
10 3/4 x 16 1/4 inches

David Linneweh
Pembroke 16
transfer and oil on panel
15 3/4 and 21 1/2 inches

Mentioned in the episode:
Mary Heilmann
Joanne Greenbaum
Mark Rothko
Richard Diebenkorn
Wayne Thiebaud

Erika's painting website where you will also find her podcast I Like Your Work: Erika b Hess

David's painting website: David Linneweh

David's Studio Break podcast home: Studio Break

Erika, David and I are all artists and podcasters brought together by our similar projects and interests and I'm grateful to know them and to have had them as guests on the show. I'm a better painter and podcaster because the experience. I'm looking forward to staying in touch. Thanks guys! And thank you listeners! 
(check out their paintings!) 

Your host, Phillip J. Mellen

The mixed-media tapes. 2019.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cassette One Side A

Welcome to the mixed-media tapes

A short artist talk series based on word and phrase prompts. I have invited visual artists from around the world to share their thoughts and stories based on their selected prompt(s). I hope you enjoy this as much as I have. Your host, Phillip J. Mellen. Cheers!

This post is cassette one side a. Listen below!

 Track listing is as follows:

1. David Myrvold. Trollhattan, Sweden. 
Prompt: Changes. 1:00 - 11:23.
2. Jonathan Christie. Sydney, Australia. 

Prompts: Music and Freedom. 11:30 - 27:30.
3. Kale Tunnessen. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

Prompts: What is an artist's mind like? The finished painting. 
27:35 - 31:14
4. Krista Svalbonas. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

Prompts: Collage and Alchemy. 31:23 - 40:55.

Audio Talks:

Works by guest artists:

Park view (Birch), 
81,5x60,5 cm/32x24 inches
Oil on Mdf-panel, 

Vinyl and gesso on timber panel. 

9" x 12"/22x30cm
acrylic and pastel on paper, 

Migrants 24, 
digital photography and collage on board.

Thanks for listening!

The mixed-media tapes. 2015.